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The Jason Jones Band


Matt Singleton originally hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He spent most of the eighties in the Detroit area punk and rock scenes touring/ playing/ recording throughout the Midwest and South with folks such as Mike Davis (MC5), The Cult Heroes, Scott Morgan, Suicidal Tendencies, JFA, The Misfits, White Zombie, Sub Humans, The GI’s, and many more. He was a founding member of Dog Soldier, touted as “the best rock band from Detroit in twenty years” (Thom Jurek- Detroit Metro Times). Their 1986 release “Name Your Poison” charted on radio play lists nationwide.

In 1990, Matt made his way to San Francisco. “Power Hitter”, his 1997 release with thrash legends Fifty Lashes garnered favorable reviews in CMJ, Flipside, High Times and many more. Songs from “Power Hitter” were also placed in “The Real Thing”, an independent film that featured Rod Steiger and Gary Busey. “Super Gravity”, his 1999 release with UltraGlide, received similar rave reviews in West Coast press, and airplay on college radio. While maintaining his career as a performing/ touring musician, he also designed and built his first professional recording studio, The Blue Room. For the next decade he maintained a frenetic recording pace, working with budding superstars like Train, Storm Large and members from Four Non-Blondes.

In 2000, Matt moved to an old farm in Charlottesville, VA. He designed and built his second studio, Singleton Studios, in an old barn on the property. Again, Matt divided time between recording/ producing local independent artists, and keeping up as a touring musician. “Fuel For The Fire”, his self- produced 2004 release with BigFastCar, once again received rave reviews in the press, and charted heavily on college and commercial specialty radio. He focused largely on performing in the conference circuit, with appearances at MMC7 & 8, Dewey Beach (’03 & ‘04), MEIC & IMC.