Album: Name Your Poison
Artist: Dog Soldier
Credits: Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keyboards

“The best rock band from Detroit ln 20 years.”

‘NAME YOUR POISON is excellent – tough vocals, good production and an overall tight sound. Great band… I love it!”

“I love this band… I crank it up day and night. This rocks!”

“Toxic shock rock from the Motor City.”

“Dog Soldier ls unlike any other band … They go from 0 to 80 In 15 seconds. Guaranteed!”

“…head bang­ers with a penchant for weird should fervently embrace Name Your Poison.”

“… hard-edged, angry, raw, throbbing rock ‘n’ roll imbued with the energy that heavy metal never really had…”

“…give ’em a chance and they’ll pummel your ears something fierce… this record is a hard-knuckled good time.”

“A seductive roller-coaster of ominous hard edge. Lou Gerard essential for any fan of modern kick-start rock.”

“All together a worthy work. Dog Soldier could be going places.”

“Detroit’s Dog Soldier sticks tenaciously to a brand of hard rock that is normally essayed in earnest by pugna­cious punks trying to recreate an era they wish they’d only been a part of.